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What is the powder on the mold?

We coat all molds with baby powder to ensure that the mold does not stick to itself during shipping. New molds are very stickey when first made and can easily stick together. Simply wash the mold with water and your good to go.

There are marks inside the mold, I thought this was new?

Yes, all of our molds are brand new. From time to time, there will be marks on the inside of the latex due to the exterior finish of the master we are molding from. This in no way will effect the mold.

Can I use Vaseline as a mold release?

Never use Vaseline or any type of petroleum based oil in a latex mold. In a 24oz. spray bottle, add 3oz. of castor oil (available at Walmart) then fill the remainder of the bottle with rubbing alcohol.

I am new to casting and have arthritis, are these hard to pull?

You can spray water to the outside of your mold to help de-mold easier. You can also spray a small amount of your release to the outside to help as well.